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an example website design by Caiser

I've been online since 2003, and playing with HTML and CSS since 2004. Over the past 14 years, I've watched the web change and grow, and my skills have grown along with it.

Want a slick-looking website? Animated links? Customized error pages? No problem. Hire me.

Responsive, flexible layouts for the modern world of mobile devices.

Try resizing the browser window and watch how elements on the page automatically readjust to accommodate, or click on the screenshots below to see how this site looks when viewed on a smartphone, a large computer monitor, and a small computer monitor.
Mobile device,
iPhone 7

See my portfolio for more examples of what I can do.

My name is Caiser. I design for you.

Thanks very much to the creators of the free stuff I've used in this website! (top and bottom gradients)
Icons by Freepik from licensed by CC 3.0 BY (network, menu icons)
Icons by SimpleIcon from licensed by CC 3.0 BY (facebook, twitter, youtube icons)
Icons by Dave Gandy from licensed by CC 3.0 BY (rss icon)