systemd file locations: ls /etc/systemd/system # stuff in here overrides stuff in other places ls /lib/systemd/system # system-provided systemd stuff; do not edit systemd targets: systemctl get-default OR ls -l /etc/systemd/system/ systemctl set-default <target> systemctl isolate <target> # ex.: after installing XFCE, isolate the to switch into it without rebooting systemd timers: man systemd.time # for time syntax vi /etc/systemd/system/test.timer systemctl daemon-reload systemctl start test.timer systemd automounts: vi /etc/systemd/system/<path-to-dir-to-mount>.automount # filename in path must use dashes instead of slashes [Unit] Description=systemd unit to automount stuff [Automount] Where=</path/to/dir/to/mount> [Install] vi /etc/systemd/system/<path-to-dir-to-mount>.mount [Unit] Description=other part of automount scripts?? [Mount] What=<server>:</path/to/remote/dir/to/mount> Where=</path/to/local/dir/to/mount/inside> Type=nfs # or whatever [Install] to activate automounts: systemctl enable --now <name>.automount to reload automounts without a reboot: systemctl stop the automount umount -l the mountpoint systemctl daemon-reload systemctl start the automount ls <folder> :) !! remember to systemctl --enable the thing, if you want it to come up on boot!!